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Within 5 minutes of speaking with Kristy, I realised what was important. She changed my path and my life”.

DIVORCING YOUR EX – How to WIN against HIM/HER in Divorce – No one WINS in Divorce

Divorcing Your Ex series focuses primarily on strategies for women and men going through separation and divorce. Kristy’s philosophy of ‘first secure victory, then fight if you must’ is echoed in the countless practical examples that eliminate barriers to success.

At its core, the book highlights that in order to win, women and men must redefine their values and global beliefs, and buck what is sadly considered to be the normal trend, where the primary focus is on destruction and denigration, as no one wins in divorce.

Divorcing Your Ex – How to WIN against HIM is the first in a series of books that brings to light the destructive games that both sides play in family law and divorce matters, focusing on the fact that such behaviours are unnecessary and detrimental for women in achieving their desired result.

Kristy presents her insights in an unceremonious and authentic, ‘say it how it is’ manner, creating a book series that is easily digestible for anyone.

Whilst the first book was written specifically for women, the now released second book in the series is male centric.