The Burning Questions

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Kristy Perdriau –  Australia’s Leading Divorce & Separation Strategist


In nearly every initial client conference I have taken over the last 15 years there are two questions that everyone inevitably needs the answer to:

  • What are my entitlements/rights when it comes to children/property; and
  • How can I win?

In researching this post I found myself asking what is it about these two questions that make them the ones that desperately need to be answered in nearly every meeting. When two people have been in a relationship together and contributed to the physical and emotional relationship over that time, the belief of self contribution always seems to be overestimated by the person I am speaking to and no doubt vice versa for their former partner. When it comes to dividing the assets of the relationship, eventually a figure is finalised which can be interpreted as placing a definitive value on each party’s contribution to the relationship.

Unfortunately this is not exactly the case as everyone gets a prize. That being said, nobody wins in separation.


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